It has never been more important to have a strong presence online. Whether you are in business, a performer, model, creative or online dating – profile pictures are quite often how we make a first impression in today’s digital world. Let me capture an authentic photo of you and help you get noticed with a professional headshot.


I have helped capture amazing headshots of all kinds of people over the years. I have worked with business professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives and actors. I regularly work with agencies and update their talent headshots.

When you work with me you will be guided through the whole process from how to prepare, what to wear and how to  pose during the shoot. You will feel relaxed and supported throughout your session as I move you through a series of poses and expressions.

After your headshot session and you will get to see how your photos turned out, and with my expert advice YOU will choose your favourite photos to get professionally retouched.

My style of headshot is a portrait taken in studio. I like to create soft natural light inside as it is most flattering and helps create amazing photos. If you prefer to be photographed outside or on location this can be arranged, please let me know. Team photos and corporate headshots are also available upon request – please contact me for more details.

For past clients that have worked with me the end result is amazing headshots that represent them exactly how THEY would like to be presented to the world. Headshots are personal, they represent you – so it is my job to work with each individual client and make sure that we achieve this goal together.

professional headshot taken in Melbourne photography studio
professional headshot of a women in a Melbourne photography studio


Professional headshots will have an impact on sales, views and help solidify your professionalism.

Using the right shot on your online profiles, marketing materials and website makes a huge difference. A professional headshot helps you to represent your brand and quality of your work. Imagine you are looking to hire someone. You narrow it down to two LinkedIn profiles, or resumes which have very similar qualifications and experience. The only difference being that one has a professional headshot and the other has an unflattering selfie, or no image at all. Which person do you choose to work with? Which resume makes a better impression?

A LinkedIn profile with a professional headshot gets 14 times more views! That is because humans are visual and we tend to remember photos better than text. This means people will remember the headshot on your websites about page before they remember what you’ve written. This is why having your headshot taken professionally is can be so impactful as great photos that showcase your confidence and personality will help you help you to be remembered and stand out from the crowd.

Having professional portraits taken can be daunting (I still feel this way myself when I am photographed) but also a lot of fun. With me as your headshot photographer the whole experience is fully guided. I will make sure you feel comfortable and that you walk away with amazing headshots that you love. You don’t need to be a ‘somebody’ to justify having your headshot taken professionally. Anybody who is ready to put their best foot forward and create opportunities for themselves is worthy of professional photos.


Recent Headshot Photoshoots

3 reasons invest in a professional headshot

3 reasons invest in a professional headshot

In today's digital world, a professional headshot is more than just a pretty picture. It's your digital handshake, your first hello, and can leave a lasting impression on potential employers, clients, and customers. Here are three reasons why you absolutely need a...

Tips from a photographer how to prepare for a photoshoot

Tips from a photographer how to prepare for a photoshoot

Before your professional photoshoot there is a number of things that I recommend my clients prepare ahead of time. This list of things includes both reminders as well as tips on things to do prior which will make sure you have a successful photoshoot. On the day of...

Why it’s important to keep your headshot updated

Why it’s important to keep your headshot updated

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Styling and preparation guide

30 minute fully guided shoot in studio with one look

2 retouched head and shoulder images

You make your image selection on the day

Final digital images provided in colour and black and white delivered within 7 business days

Additional images can be purchased after your session

*Contact me for new 2024 packages and prices


Need photos of your whole team?

Team Headshot pricing available for groups larger than 5.

Please contact me for more details and availability.

studio portrait of women with a gray background

If you need more than a headshot a portfolio session is highly recommended for you. This session suits models, actors, dancers and performers as well as business professionals wanting to refresh more than their headshot or profile picture.

model portfolio photoshoot agency images Melbourne photographer



Complementary makeup with a professional makeup artist

Fully guided photoshoot in studio

1 hour 30 min session with two looks

Headshot & full body images

Styling and preparation guide

4 retouched images are provided in colour and black and white

Image selection on the day

Final image delivered within 2 weeks

Additional images can be purchased after the session.

*Contact me for new 2024 packages and prices

Other Services


Images created to tell your brands story



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Magazine style portraiture



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