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If you are in the market for professional headshots chances are you already know how impactful they can be. A good headshot is a powerful tool. They can create great first impression and a sense of professionalism wherever they are used.

Having new headshots taken is an investment in itself, but when those headshots are used appropriately the investment you make is really in yourself and allows you to put your best foot forward and make a fantastic impression across all fronts.

To help you maximise the investment you make when you have a professional headshot session here are 10 ways to use your headshot. Some are obvious and some are not so obvious. Using your headshot in all of these places will help you build your personal brand, brand consistency and help clients and customers make a personal connection to you – which in turn can lead to stronger leads, connections and sales.

1. Social media profile picture

Of course the most obvious place to use your new professional portrait is as your profile picture across all of your public social networking sites and profiles. It’s obvious but also absolutely essential that your professional profiles have a professional image of you. First impressions count, and the way that you present yourself can make a big impact on potential clients and employers.

Remember to change your profile image to your new business headshot on Linkedin profile first and foremost, and then on your other social media profiles if this makes sense for your business. For example if you are a creative, performer or the face of your business like a real estate agent or makeup artist.

You may also want to use your professional headshot on your personal profile if you generate work from you personal accounts and want a consistent visual identity.

2. Introduction posts

Sticking with social media, introduction posts or rather re-introduction posts after a professional headshot session is a great way to share your own headshot and talk a bit about yourself. As your following grows constantly online it can be a great way to introduce yourself to new people who follow with you. You can talk about your work as well as your ‘why’ and share some fun facts about you.

If you are trying to establish a bit of a personal brand or want to make a personal connection with your audience online a new headshot post is a great way to do this.

3. Add to your ‘About’ page

Most websites will have an ‘About’ page or section. Although the text on this page may not be updated regularly you should add a professional headshot here if there isn’t one already. If you are not in a forward facing role in what you do, but you are a business owner this is one place where you can in fact share an image of yourself. It’s very powerful and can help add a face to the story you are trying to tell or show the brains behind a business.

4. Business cards

Having your face on you business card is not for everyone, however if you are in certain fields it can be an effective way to get people to remember you. If you network in person, attend conferences or corporate events – having your professional headshot on your business card can make all the difference.

5. E-mail signature

Utilising your email signature as part of your marketing collateral is fantastic and free. If you haven’t already setup a personalised email signature I highly recommend that you do so – this would have to one of my top tips. You can utilise this space to share your website and social media links along side your professional headshot to add a personalised and professional touch to every e-mail that you send out.

Be sure that you add your new signature with your headshot photo to all your email accounts as well as in the footer of any email marketing you send out.

professional headshot of a women in a Melbourne photography studio

6. Printed materials & online resources

Include your professional headshots in the collateral that you create for your business. This is a great way to connect with your target audience and build trust through visual marketing. Having a great headshot on your printed materials (flyers and brochures ect.) and on online tools and resources (downloadable information packs and guides) allows you to infuse your brand onto valuable touch points and show that you have a level of professionalism and stand by what you do.

7. As your phone contact photo

This is one place that most of us do not utilise. Making your professional headshot the photo thats attached to your contact means that you’re represented when someone shares your contact card. You should also add in details like your website and social media into your contact card so that when it’s shared it acts as a digital business card.

TIP: This is a great option if you can’t afford to print physical cards.

8. Intranet & work programs

Other places that often get overlooked is updating your profile on your companies intranet and other sites, programs and software that’s used regularly. You may just use the default image on each platform but since you have invested in professional headshots why not utilise them and level up your image on all the programs and apps that you utilise.

On practically every online tool you will have to create a profile. For example on your Google profile if you use G Suite, your e-mail profile picture on Outlook, payroll and rostering applications like Deputy, planning platforms like Asana and places like your business Paypal or accounting software for example.

9. Use them in advertising

f you provide a service having your professional image on advertising materials will help build trust and confidence. It allows your potential clients to get a sense of who you are and allows them to see who they will be interacting with if they engage in business with you.

It’s a personal touch that will add value to your ads. Of course it’s not appropriate for all ads to have you face on them so make sure you do this selectively. This applies for printed and digital advertising and marketing.

10. Add to your blog posts

Blogging is a fantastic way to show your expertise and knowledge. If you blog you can further reinforce this by adding your professional headshot to each blog post. Professional writers have their photo attached to their work and so should you no matter what form it takes.

This is also good to remember in future if you ever send out any press releases or are featured in written articles – including your headshot image will build up your brand image and profile.

Maximise your headshot photoshoot

These are some of the ways that I personally use my own headshot photos. By doing so I have a professional and consistent web presence. Having professional headshots alone has invaluable benefits, and by further utilising them in these 10 ways will solidify your identity.

It all comes back to having great images of you that you love and want to share. In order to get a great business headshot you should invest in a professional photo shoot with a professional headshot photographer.

If you are ready to invest in yourself and level up your brand consistency and identity book your professional headshot session with me today!

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