Why it’s important to keep your headshot updated


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It may seem like a no brainer, however updating your headshot is often one of those things that remains on a to do list and never gets done. For a lot of us it is something we do once and then set and forget. There are many reasons to update your headshot with professional images regularly.

Headshots matter

The fact that you are here reading this blog means that you acknowledge that headshots are important in today’s digital age. They are often the first thing that people see when they connect with you online, and in some cases if your business or work is digital your headshot may be the only time that people see you.

There are so many places that you can use your headshot these days. View my blog ‘10 way to use your headshot’ if you need more reasons to make your investment in a professional headshot.

Do you have a professional headshot?

This is the first question I want you to answer. If the answer is no then you know what to do – book in your headshot session ASAP! If you are tired of using that unflattering selfie as your current headshot you have a massive opportunity to level up the first impression that you make online. Amateur photos are better than no headshot at all BUT a professional image gives you a professional edge.

No matter if you are applying for a job, a business owner or the head of a company the same principle applies – a great headshot will build credibility. Putting your best foot forward and showing up professionally will go a long way to making you stand out in a crowd and show that you have belief in what you do. A professional headshot will help you do this. So it’s time to change that display picture people!

5 reasons to keep your headshot updated

Here is the main five reasons I recommend that people update their headshots yearly.

1. Your headshot should be a reflection of you

The image that you use should look like you. Your headshot should be a reflection of your current appearance so that you are easily recognisable. If your look has totally changed then its time for a new headshot.

Not only can we change physically but the focus of what we do and what we believe in can also alter. As humans we are constantly evolving, and so should the headshot that you present to the world. If your personal brand or goals in your professional life have changed it is important that those are also communicated through your headshot.

This can be achieved by what you wear, the colours used in the image as well as the expression on your face. for example, you may be going more corporate in your professional network so your new headshot should be in corporate attire. Or if you are an actor and you are moving into children’s entertainment you may want your next professional headshot to be more colourful and fun.

2. You have started a new job or business endeavour

If you are launching a new business or starting in a new position this is the best time to update that LinkedIn profile with a professional headshot – start with a bang!

Moving forward in your career is a perfect time to update your headshot. It will make great first impressions on your new colleagues. It’s also important that you are using a current photo so that people recognise you at the office.

When products or businesses launch online you generally get a large amount of eye balls across your social media accounts and website. This is why it’s important that you feel comfortable and actually like the headshot that you are using. Updated headshots will signify your confidence and enthusiasm as well as mark the exciting occasion. So add a ‘book in professional headshots’ to your to do list!

3. Building your personal brand

As touched on your headshots builds more than professionalism they reflect your personal brand. If you are an actor, creative or entrepreneur thats the face of their business having a professional headshot is a must!

Potential clients need to connect with your brand. You headshot tells them not only who you are but also puts a face to your business. You want to build trust and also show your personality.

Your personal brand should be aligned with your target audience, updating your headshot can reinforce your image and how you are perceived.

Coming back to professionalism – if you want people to buy your product or work with you it’s important to show them that you willing to invest in yourself in order for them to value and invest in you. A professional headshot shows that you care and are enthusiastic about what you do.

4. Invest in you

There is something to be said about what can happen when you feel confident. Things tend to fall into place and doors can open up right in front. Showing up for yourself and backing yourself can go a long way in getting others to believe in you too. Looking the part can be very powerful and a professional headshot can do just that.

Investing in yourself from time to time is reinvigorating. Professional headshots come at a cost that is totally worth the investment. The confidence, professional edge and credibility that they build is powerful stuff for any business owner or creative. Not to mention in most cases they are considered a business expense which means you can claim them at tax time!

5. Highly engaging content

In the digital landscape these day it doesn’t matter what you do, you need to exist online. Posting updates on your social media profiles can feel like a full time job in itself. If you exist in this world you know how hard it is to create engaging content that your audience reacts to.

I am going to let you in on a little secret… sharing a new headshot is a sure fire way to highly successful post. It’s not just your mum who loves to see nice photos of you – so does your audience.

Update your headshot and see for yourself! by diruspting what you usually share with a new headshot photo of you its guaranteed to cut through your audiences feeds and get there attention. If you are prepared to feature yourself in more of your marketing and want to mix things up with making an appearance in what you post a Personal Branding photoshoot may be for you – check out my Personal Branding page to find out more.

How often do you need to update your headshot?

I recommend to my clients that you update your headshot yearly. Why, because so much happens of a year. your appearance can chnage but so can what your goals are as well as your achievements. 

Yearly headshots also mark time and can be a great way too. Take a moment to reflect on how far you have come and where you are heading to in the future. It’s similar thinking to why you get your photo taken each year in school. 

I update my own headshots yearly. I see it as not only necessary as a business owner but also as a bit of a treat for myself. I take the time to celebrate me and show up for myself by putting my best foot forward with images that I love. 

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