Why you should have your photos printed


Portraits of Mother and daughters displayed in frames on a wall

The medium of photography was invented to be printed. It has come a long way over the years with a transition from film to digital cameras and photos. For many of us gone are the days where printing your photos made it onto your to do list, but there are so many reasons to have your photos printed.

As a professional photographer I offer my portrait clients printed products. This is because my belief is that photos are meant to be enjoyed that way, especially professional photographs that you have paid for. I want my clients to walk away with not only having had a fantastic experience, I want them to have beautiful images with precious prints that they can cherish and enjoy the way they were intended.

Why printed photos are still precious

I am sure most people have gathered around old photo albums with family and enjoyed the precious memories that have been kept safe inside them for years. There is nothing like the nostalgia and joy of wholesome family moments like these. 

Being able to hold and touch these photographs is something that will never compare to viewing them on a screen. Having tangible photos makes the memories captured feel real and something that can be truly cherished.

Printed photographs from years before digital photos existed are now the vehicle that shares your loved ones stories. 

Happy snaps may live on our phones these days, but your professional portraits should be printed, displayed and enjoyed for generations to come so that you too can leave a legacy behind. 

Print box of images from mother and daughter portraits session
Print box of images from Mummy & Me portrait session

Digital photos VS printed photos

There is no question about us living in a digital age. We spend so much of our days now online or using various forms of digital technologies. We have smart phones in our pockets and snap away more than ever before. I dare say we are the most photographed generation of people. 

This is fantastic and means that we all exist in photos. For the most part these images live in files stored on our phones or on social media. We document so much of our lives online. This is where our most favourite memories and moments live, but how often do you look back at your camera roll or profiles? 

I have many images that are ingrained in my mind of passed away relatives that I have never met. I can recall what they were wearing, their expressions and what they were like. This is because I grew up with grandparents and parents who displayed photos proudly in their homes. 

Admittedly when I was a teen I was embarrassed that my Nonna had a ‘photo room’ where from the floor all the way to the ceiling was covered in family photos. As an adult now I realise just how special this was and how much those images meant to my Nonna but also how they have shaped me. 

I never thought that the portraits of my Aunties weddings that I was too young to remember would live in my brain so vividly it feels like I was there in that exact moment. 

Walking past proud family portraits of my Mum her siblings and parents on the wall at my Nonno’s house has given me insight into what they all were like as young kids. You have a version of them in your mind that you picture when they tell tales from their childhood. It feels like you are watching a home video. 

Granted this is my experience with printed photographs. I value them highly and could talk about it forever. To me there is something romantic about them. The point I do want to make is that these images do not exist online they exist in my memory – and this is purely because these pictures were valued and held so dear they had pride of place in the home. 

The value of printing your portraits

The value of an image is intrinsically determined by you. If a photograph is truly special it deserves a greater place than being stored on a hard drive. Having photos throughout your home or in albums ties a level of significance to the images. Prints are rarely thrown away – most people cannot part with them. This is why your favourite photos need to be printed and therefore preserved in the physical world.

I photograph portraits of people professionally. My work is custom to each client and we tailor every aspect of their photoshoot to reflect who they are and what their story is. There is so much value tied to these portraits for my clients. They get the ability to document themselves the way they want to be seen. They have a hand in creating their own legacy and this is why their portraits are printed.

Folio box of editorial style portraits printed and matted
Linen folio box of portraits

Photos in the home

I have my own home now. I do have photos around my home but they are certainly not displayed in the golden ornate frames that my grandparents had. There are so many ways to display photos at home that can really elevate and make a space your own. Printed photos give a warmth and personal touch.

Wall art, framed images and matted albums are some of my favourite ways to display photographs at home. I love these products which is why this is what I sell to my clients. Not all images do need to be on show. Some people want to have them printed for safe keeping and the ability to show them off and then put them away. I love folio boxes or photo books for this reason. 

My wedding album, like many peoples is one of my most cherished possessions. I have a gorgeous modern photo book that I can proudly pull off my bookshelf when I want to show friends. 

Printed photos make the best gifts. There is nothing more sentimental or personal that you could give to loved ones. Texting them does not make the same impact. Unwrapping a print is exciting and priceless. 

One of my favourite suppliers to get custom made frames and canvases from is Photographique Co. I have chosen them because they are Melbourne based and have a great range of modern printing and framing options. I have a range of printed products and wall art on offer for my portrait clients. If you would like to find out more about my sessions and products get in touch over on the contact page.

The art of photography

Photography is a tool that is used to document the world. It tells stories and captures memories. Life can pass by so quickly, children become adults and precious moments become distant memories. My job as a photographer is to capture moments and true essence of people to tell their stories. 

There will always remain something romantic about having a photo of a loved one in your wallet – the closest parallel these days would be the equivalent of having someone on your phones lock screen. It just doesn’t hit the same. Although the world we live in has definitely changed there still exists a place to enjoy the art of photography at it’s purest in printed form.

Portrait Photography

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