Why your family portraits should be outdoors in the Yarra Valley


family of four posing for professional photo on a walking trail in the Yarra Valley

Family portraits are a milestone for many families. Whether they’re a cherished tradition or a necessary ordeal, they play a crucial role in preserving your family’s history. Most traditional portraits are snapped indoors in a studio. As a studio photographer, I truly adore creating these indoor masterpieces.

But, I’ve noticed a trend. When I talk to family and friends about family portraits, they often express a desire for outdoor shoots. Initially, I’d try to sway their minds but soon realised the allure of outdoor family portraits. That’s when I decided to offer a special outdoor family session, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Yarra Valley. This exciting venture perfectly captures everything my loved ones were longing for.

Here’s why I created this session, and why YOUR next family portrait should be a fun-filled outdoor adventure in the Yarra Valley.

Nature’s charm amid changing seasons

Many people are fans of outdoor family photos because they feel a strong bond with nature. They’re drawn to the great outdoors and yearn to be part of it. Some just want natural elements in their portrait to match their home decor – so when their photos are framed and displayed, they blend in seamlessly. Then there are those delightful clients with small, spirited children who are more at ease in the open than in a restrictive studio environment.

Each season lends a unique touch to your outdoor portraits in the Yarra Valley, making them truly distinctive. In spring, the vivid colours and blooming flowers provide a lively backdrop for your photos. Summer offers lush greenery and extended daylight for gorgeous, sunlit portraits. Autumn paints a warm and cozy palette of oranges and reds, adding a dash of romance to your photos. Winter, though often overlooked, can provide a tranquil setting with soft, diffused light. Moreover, varying weather conditions – from clear, sunny days to overcast ones – can dramatically change the mood and aesthetic of your portraits, ensuring that each session is unique.

The enchanting Yarra Valley

If you’re unfamiliar with the Yarra Valley, let me introduce you to the splendid region I call home. Situated about 50 minutes from Melbourne CBD, this beautiful area is adorned with green trees, stunning rivers, walking trails and parks. Plus, it’s home to fabulous cafes and award-winning picturesque wineries.

I absolutely love where I live, and so do many others who reside here or visit regularly. Beautiful scenery is never more than 10 minutes away, you just need to know where to find it.

I have several favourite spots for my outdoor sessions. Two of these are different areas along the Warburton Rail Trail – a walking/bike track that stretches 48 km from Lilydale to Warburton.

These two locations offer distinct looks and feels. One is lush with native plants and towering trees. The other is more open, featuring gravel tracks and old bridges that put my clients in the spotlight.

We also have breathtaking wineries that are a short drive from Lilydale, boasting stunning grounds and blooming vineyards. These serve as perfect locations for portraits. Wineries like Rochford Wines offer the perfect backdrop for grand family shots or romantic couple portraits amidst the vines.

Turn it into a day’s outing

If your next family portrait is set in the Yarra Valley, why not make it a day’s outing, especially if you’re travelling from afar? Schedule your shoot mid-morning, then head out for a delightful brunch at one of the many charming cafes.

If we’re shooting at a winery and you’re all dressed up, why not enjoy a leisurely lunch with the family after your photos? Portraits capture moments in time, so creating memories around these moments will add so much more to your portraits. You’ll fondly remember the wonderful day you spent together in the Valley.

Perfect for kids and pets

My outdoor sessions are quick, light-hearted and most importantly, a whole lot of fun! They are mini sessions lasting just 30 minutes. This might sound short, but trust me, it’s ample time to create magic! These sessions are ideal for young families, as getting a small child’s attention for longer than half an hour can be quite a feat!

Being outdoors also makes these sessions perfect for kids. The pressure is off when we’re outside. There are no studio lights, backdrops, wires or breakable items in sight. Kids can simply be themselves and go for a walk with mum and dad, while I capture these precious moments. My favourite shots are those when children are running towards my camera. These candid moments often result in the most beautiful shots of the session.

Most of the areas I shoot in are pet-friendly. So, feel free to bring your furry friend along for the session to include them in your portraits. Or perhaps you want a portrait with your furry best friend (because who doesn’t?). An outdoor mini session is just perfect for you!

four little girls in pink and two boys in blue sitting across the middle of a bridge for a portrait
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As you can see, outdoor family portraits in the Yarra Valley offer a unique and enjoyable experience. The natural settings provide a diverse and stunning backdrop, from lush greenery to picturesque vineyards. Outdoor sessions promote a relaxed, pressure-free environment, especially suitable for children and even pets. These sessions aren’t just about creating beautiful photos, they’re about creating cherished memories. So, consider an outdoor family portrait in the Yarra Valley for a memorable blend of quality time, natural beauty, and lasting mementos.

Family Mini Sessions

My outdoor mini-sessions are always available with special offers running seasonally in Autumn and Spring. If you are ready to update your family photos and love the sound of everything in this blog you can find out more over on my Family Mini Sessions page. If you are ready to book you can get in touch on the contact page, or simply book now.

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